Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to La Douce France

On Saturday we drove back to Cannes but we still listened to both football matches on the radio. First England vs. Portugal and then Brazil vs. France. As we crossed the Spanish border into France we could tell that everyone was off the roads and eagerly awaiting the match at home or at a lively bar.
We stopped by the Chateau de Salses and took some pictures but it was closed and the town was practically empty. We then stopped at Fitou, where there are many wineries. We bought some wine in a bit of a hurry as the match was about to begin and they were already closing the little establishment.

A few hours later, France had beat Brazil and by the time we got to Cannes, everyone was on the streets waving the French flag and going out of their minds! Vive la France!! Allez les Bleus!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A la recherche du temps perdu

The first still is more still than ever.This castle
standing like a ghost defying time and space.

Vino veritas.It,s so delicate your point of view
I want more of these subtilities. It makes me want to travel.

4:45 PM  

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