Monday, April 17, 2006

Fashion News

It's a gloomy, cloudy, rainy day here in Madrid, perfect for staying in and rewriting scenes in my screenplay. ( I always try to look on the bright side). I also thought you might enjoy some not-to-be-missed fashion news.

Firstly, the master shoe-maker and fellow Spaniard, Manolo Blahník (notice the accent on the i), has just launched a new line of scented candles inspired by Andalusian scents. Hmm, strange since he was born in the Canary Islands and lives in Bath, England. El Señor Blahník chose top notes of fig, ivy, and gardenia and rich notes of violet, chocolate, heliotrope, vanilla, and musk. YUMMY! Apparently they're only available at Neiman's and Bergdorf's for the paltry sum of $75, what a steal!

Speaking of steals, Silvio Berlusconi and Diego della Valle, owner of Tod's, had a long and heated discussion in which Berlusconi accused him and all entrepreneurs who supported the left, of having "skeletons in their cupboard" to which Mr. della Valle replied, "Mr Berlusconi is a tired man. His family should take him home and take care of him," Oh, poor Berlusconi.
To top things off, the center-left has agreed to endorse Tod's as their emblem and Berlusconi supporters are boycotting everything Tod's....So maybe I won't pack my Tod's mocassins on my next trip to Italy?

Lastly, I wonder what your opinion is on the next JFK: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In a fashion campaign for Gant, the Kennedy family are photographed in Martha's Vineyard all a picture of preppy elegance.. but to me it's a sad reenactment of the original Camelot.. his wife looks too much like Jackie and well, it all looks so perfect it makes me want to cry. But can we really let ourselves hope that the U.S. could have another President like JFK? I think we've all suffered enough with the Kennedys.. but maybe this time fate will be on their side?


Anonymous Nathalie S said...

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3:25 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I love the combo between Tod's, Manolo and the Kenn's
I too like the Manolo's I didn't know that he was into candles now.
Nice comments.Yes I would like the Kennedys back, for some
glamour and somenthing else.,.Please keep your good eye around.,and let us know more of this assoc...E

I enjoy your blog, thank you


12:57 AM  

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